While you enjoy your well deserved break, take the opportunity to get inspired about implementing your next great idea in the VITO Valorisation City. You can learn about the innovative businesses VITO is currently supporting.  And once inspired, our valorization experts will show you how VITO can support you in developing your idea or business to the next level. 

Stand 1: VITO for SME

VITO has a special programme that provides SMEs with low threshold support in relation to sustainable innovation.
 This includes a financial contribution towards the costs necessary:

  • You want to produce sustainably, but preferably save money too?
  • You want to know whether your company can do the same or more but use less water?
  • You are convinced that your processes could run on less energy?
  • Or perhaps you, as a technology supplier, have a wonderful innovative idea, but lack the time or knowledge you need to be able to take it further or to fine-tune it?
  • Or would you like to have it validated independently?

 SMEs find VITO!

Stand 2: Process intensification

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Stand 3: Laser Cladding Venture (LCV)

Laser Cladding Venture - LCV

Laser Cladding Venture (LCV) is your specialist for laser cladding. Laser cladding experiences strong growth in the industry and is mainly known from the coating and repair world. Meanwhile, laser cladding also makes an advance as a 3D printing technique. This development fits into the new era of manufacturing, based on the sustainable use of resources and materials. With LCV-Coat, LCV-Repair and LCV-Form, LCV offers a complete service for surface treatment, repair and 3D printing.



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Stand 5: VITO Venturing - “From idea to business”

VITO’s Venture Development Team (VDT) helps you, entrepreneurs in the cleantech world, brining your idea to the market.  We provide expertise in all phases of the product development.  If necessary we can even co-development prototypes together with you.  But our commitment doesn’t end there.   Thanks to our broad network we can team you up with the right partners and capital resources to maximize you change.  The goal is simple, turn your idea in successful a successful business opportunity.

Blue Foot Membranes

Blue Foot Membranes

” Blue Foot Membranes produces & sells membrane-modules based on Integrated Permeate Channel (“IPC™”) technology.”

In 2004, VITO started the development of the Integrated Permeate Channel (IPC™) membrane concept.  This patented concept is based on the direct coating of a membrane layer on a 3D textile (single or double) and results in a lower footprint of the MBR and a doubling of output capacity.  Moreover, this reinforced membrane enables “back washing”, a unique feature to overcome fouling of the membranes.  Membrane fouling,- one of the major obstacles to this technology, is a process whereby a solution or particles are deposited on the membrane surface so that the membrane's performance is  decreasing.


Unifly is a software company that creates aviation-related solutions for drones and manned aviation.

To deal with the increasing amount of drones, a new Traffic Management is needed to deal with the complexity and uniqueness of drone traffic. Unifly has developed an award-winning cloud-based management platform that enables the safe integration of drones into the aviation system, called Unifly Unmanned Traffic Management System, known as UniflyUTMS.

Kempens warmtebedrijf

Kempens warmtebedrijf

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Stand 6: FCA

The Flanders Cleantech Association - FCA

The Flanders Cleantech Association brings together the Flemish cleantech companies and supporting players in a robust Flemish Cleantech Cluster, pursuing maximum standing abroad in influential networks, new markets, potential investors and cleantech innovation projects.

FCA maintains global contacts with other cleantech clusters and associations. Together we carry out a technology gap analysis to draw out the opportunities for collaboration with our Flemish cleantech companies. The collaboration between a Flemish and a foreign cleantech company starts with a carefully defined and ‘safe’ subproject, which allows both partners to get to know each other, resulting in mutual trust and a readiness in the long term to embark upon a more profound partnership.